Icy Band Cooling Bandanna

Keep your dog cool during the 'dog days of summer' in our Icy Band cooling bandanna with a built in ice pack.  Simply throw them in the freezer for a couple of hours and tie or clip it on your pup to help cool them down outside.  Stays cool for approximately 45 minutes.  These bandanas look cool, are cool, are comfortable, and make your dog stand out in a crowd!

  • Medium Clip-On Ice = ~17" when clipped (4 ice pads)
  • Large Tie Ice = ~26" from end to end (traditional V style bandanna, tie on) (8 ice pads)
  • Large Cliip-On Ice - clip is added to the large traditional V style tie (~24-25" when clipped) (8 ice pads)
  • Custom Size = tell us the length from end to end you'd like it to be

(Size needed is based on your individual dog. Measure your dog’s neck prior to purchasing. If bandanna is a little big, tie a knot in one or both ends before clipping on)  An Icy Band should be snug on your dog's neck.

We are HAPPY to CUSTOMIZE a clip-on bandanna just for your dog! Just click on Custom Size Tie or Custom Size Clip and tell us the length in inches in the text box. Icy Band should fit snug for the ice to be close to the neck so typically the exact neck size is a good fit.

icy band ice cool bandana dog bandanna
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Price $8.50

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