About Us

Our dogs are part of our family and we want the best for them.  With people becoming more health conscious, this concept can be taken to your canine friends too.  Our inspiration are our three Doberman’s, Destiny , Chance, and Titan. All have a nose for tasty treats, have fun playing with our toys, enjoy the warmth of our blankets, and love their taste testing jobs!  Chance had an issue with weight and too much fat in her diet.  Once we stopped feeding her treats with chemicals and fatty ingredients and started feeding her our handmade treats, she has felt better, stopped whining, is much happier, and has slimmed down. 

A Pawfect Dog treat is the pawfect way to provide your furry friend with a naturally-made, preservative-free gourmet dog treat made in the USA.  Because of this yes, you will pay a little more for these specialty treats than that box off the shelf at your local store.  But when you think about that box on the shelf, how long has it been sitting there?  How long was it sitting in the warehouse before being shipped to the store?  Our great tasting dog treats are made to order and not treated with chemicals and do not contain water.   Treat your pawfect best friend to the pawfectly best treats from A Pawfect Dog.

The Pawticulars About Our Ingredients - All of our gourmet dog treats are tested by a laboratory for analysis on the ingredients. And, we are licensed by the Indiana State Chemist which means you can feel good about giving your best friend the Pawfect treat.  We use only human-grade ingredients and never use preservatives, sugar, chemicals, or water.  When water is added to a recipe, it dilutes the taste and the product weight you receive is based more on water than solid.  Our treats are even taste-tested by both humans and canines!  For specific ingredients, see each product page.